Rest Hours Management with QR Code

A simplistic and effective solution to record and log of Work and Rest hours for crew onboard your vessels.

Certificate Management

A smart repository of all the certificates required to be aboard your vessels that notifies you when they are due for renewal.

Audits, Inspections, and Vetting

Schedule and coordinate all audits required by regulatory bodies and your internal processes.

Risk Management

Minimize risks onboard your vessels. Use our Cloud central platform to Create, Maintain and update risk assessment sheets, checklists, and work permits.

Knowledge Manager

The central, synchronized repository for all documents, reports and forms required by your Safety Management System.

Ship Shore Reporting

Simplify filling out and submitting mandatory forms each time your vessel makes port using smart, synchronised forms.

Vessel Particulars

Get an up-to-date view of all information associated with a vessel.

Port Forms

Country specific repository of forms to be submitted to port authorities like immigration, customs, and port security.

Analysis & Reporting

Create detailed reports from data generated from all audits conducted within your company.

Vessel Sync

Synchronize your data and work between ship and shore, automatically and with security in mind.

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