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OceanManager Introduces mHSEQ

If your company is doing well, a larger part of its credit has to go to QHSE department of the company. After all they draft the policies that everyone on board follow. QHSE department plays a big role in the success of a shipping company.

In order to maintain quality, prevent incidents or pollution, or keep ships and their crews secure, there is a need for effective systems and processes and for health, safety, security, quality and environmental awareness to be combined with good working practices.

mHSEQ is OceanManager’s premier software suite for compliance with international regulations for marine Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (HSEQ).

Our modules are built to be simple and easy to use via an intuitive, user friendly cloud-based software that is synchronised between ship and shore:

Our solution allows shipping companies to manage, control and review their HSEQ processes, whilst ensuring statutory and commercial compliance through the management of risk while continuously improving safety and quality standards through the monitoring of key performance indicators across the fleet.

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